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Denise Su and Her Team at Their College Information Table in English and Khmer (Cambodian) at Cambodian Buddhist Temple

        We invite you to join Bridging Multiple Worlds Alliance partners, whose studies reach across cultural communitie. Examples are listed below; please contact individual scholars for details.

• Challenges and Resources of Refugee Youth in Australia from Somalia and Myanmar - Jeanette Lawrence and Abigail Brooker, University of Melbourne

• Relational Empowerment for Latino Elementary School Students in a yPAR (youth participatory action research) Program - Regina Langhout, University of California, Santa Cruz

• Immigrant Latino Parents as Cultural Brokers for Their Children and Other Parents - Zuleyma Rogel, University of California, Santa Barbara

• Cultural Practitioners and Classroom Educators with Indigenous Hawaiian Students and Their Families - Lois Yamauchi, Katherine Ratliffe, and Rebecca Luning, University of Hawai'i

• African American Adolescents’ Sexual Health Knowledge and Behavior - Martina Thomas, University of Alabama

• Persistence and Retention of Southeast Asian American College Students - Malaphone Phommasa, University of California, Santa Barbara

• Future Orientation of Muslim, Druze, Ultra-Orthodox Jewish, and Secular Jewish Adolescents and Young Adults in Israel - Rachel Seginer, University of Haifa, Israel, and Sami Mahajna, Beit Berl College, Israel

• Providing Higher Education Guidance to Adolescent Immigrant Youth: An Intergenerational Narrative - Ana Guerrero and Richard Duran, University of California, Santa Barbara

We welcome your questions and suggestions at

    Catherine R. Cooper, Ph.D., Director, BMWA; Research Professor of Psychology, University of California, Santa Cruz; Faculty Director, UCSC Educational Partnership Center

    Elizabeth Domínguez, M. A., Co-Director, BMWA; Director, Cabrillo Advancement Program, Cabrillo Community College, Aptos, CA 

    David Cooper, BMWA Webmaster